Nishani E.

I normally never write reviews as I consider it time consuming, however Dr. Hashemi truly deserves recognition for her work. I’ve known Dr. Hashemi for the past 15 years as she has not only been my orthodontist, but my sisters’ as well. There’s no one more compassionate than and as caring for detail as her. She is a true perfectionist when it comes to her work. For example, she undertook my sister’s orthodontic care after another orthodontist did a horrible job with her teeth. Dr. Hashemi not only accommodated my sister’s schedule, but would make constant adjustments to assure her teeth were perfect, even when my sister just wanted them off quickly. When it comes to dental care, one of my main concerns is the cleanliness of the equipment and the staff, as such I can assure you there is no cleaner environment than the one she practices in. Her staff (Marlene and Maria) are so friendly and always kind when you call or come in for a visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Hashemi, not just because of her kind and humbling nature, but because of her work ethic and knowledge. She is a true perfectionist.

A. Moreno

We loved Dr. Hashemi and the entire staff! They were all so friendly and welcoming and Dr. Hashemi is a miracle worker. My daughter’s teeth look amazing and she can now smile with confidence. We will miss coming on a regular basis and seeing Marlene’s warm smile (and desk trinkets) and Maria’s friendly face. Thank you Dr. Hashemi and keep up the great work!

Emma Livne

Dr. Hashemi was kind and attentive to my care when I had braces as a teenager. She was very responsive years later when I needed to confirm that my retainer was the correct fit.

Dana Vought

Dr. Hashemi shows care and precision in all her work. Very friendly and positive staff and experience!

Madeline Smith

Everyone is so nice! Marlene calls ahead to confirm appointments and is always a sunny face when you enter! My two sisters and I all had our braces done by Dr. Hashemi and now our teeth are perfect! The office is always clean and the décor is so cute! The staff are accommodating with appointments and your teeth won’t be disappointed with the results.

Lisa F.

Dr. Hashemi is a meticulous orthodontist with a warm and caring manner. Both my children had their teeth straightened in her care. The office environment is very friendly and inviting. We have fond memories of our relationship with both Dr. Hashemi and her office manager, Marlene.

J. Jozan

Dr. Hashemi and her staff are extremely caring and professional. I am very happy with the results of my treatment from Dr. Hashemi


Dr. Hashemi is great, very competent and experienced. Very friendly staff, super accommodating for appointment times and moving around appointments. Great in handling the insurance side as well. Thank you very much!

C. Fabrizio

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Hashemi’s for about a year and a half, and it has always been a very nice experience. The facility is bright and clean with a spacious waiting room and a friendly receptionist (Marlene) who is always a pleasure to talk to. The staff provides excellent service and Dr. Hashemi herself is as sweet as can be. Jenny started off with a 75% overbite and I was very concerned about how this could be corrected at age 12, especially when there was still a molar yet to come in. The doctor assured me of the process and so far so good. We still have more time to go but my daughter doesn’t mind a bit, neither do I. If you have any questions for Dr. Hashemi or would like to see the facility, please give Marlene a call. She’ll be happy to assist you.

H. H

After 4 years of the wrong treatment by another orthodontist, I took my daughter to Dr. Hashemi. She was at risk of losing one of her front teeth. In a short time she was able to fix her teeth the right way. Today she has a beautiful smile and we owe it to Dr. Hashemi

J. Maldonado

I went to Dr. Hashemi to have my smile perfected for my upcoming wedding. I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Hashemi is a true professional and her staff is kind and accommodating.

Margaret C

Dr. Hashemi and her staff are simply outstanding. Marlene’s efficiency and welcoming manner makes every appointment go smoothly. She goes out of her way to explain insurance payments and submits all paper work expertly. Dr. Hashemi’s professionalism and empathy are outstanding. She has the best interest of the patient at heart. She is always available to explain treatment and understand the need of her patient. Dr. Hashemi is committed to the best outcome for every patient.

R. Clarke

Dr. Hashemi has been treating my daughter for years. She started with expanding her jaw as she had a crowded mouth and then put on her braces. Her thoughtfulness and patients with my daughter has been great. Due to my daughter being tall and continuing to have growth spurts throughout this process, the doctor has had to make adjustments to her braces numerous times so every time we thought we were almost done, she would grow an inch more. Dr. Hashemi has taken the time to ensure that the symmetry of my daughters face is maintained in spite of the continuous growth of her lower jaw. I appreciate this attention and professionalism.

S. Mazzuoccolo

Dr. Hashemi is an amazing orthodontist who genuinely cares about her patients. She gets to know her patients on a more personal level and makes them feel comfortable and at ease while in her office. I am extremely happy with her and my beautiful teeth. I would recommend anyone and everyone to go to her if they are in need of a friendly, giving and wonderful orthodontist.

E. Colotti

It is always a pleasure coming to Dr. Hashemi’s office. The staff is very friendly and attentive. This is the second child of mine I am having treated by Dr. Hashemi, so I am very happy with the treatment.

Emma Hoffman

Dr. Hashemi is an excellent orthodontist, always providing us with the best care and service. My daughter has been a patient here for over a year and a half and we have had a few orthodontic emergencies during that time. Dr. Hashemi has always been very responsive, professional and kind in providing this emergency treatment, even when it has happened on the weekend or while she was on vacation. She has always made accommodations to rectify the problem in a timely manner. We have been very pleased with her service and with the results so far.

M. Bassiouk

Dr. Hashemi is extremely professional and attentive, and since the very beginning has worked with me to establish realistic goals to correct my teeth. She never made promises she would not be able to keep (in contrast to a few other orthodontists I’ve known, one of which left my teeth worse than they were in the first place.). I was seen promptly at each appointment. I am overall very happy with the results of my treatment. Dr. Hashemi is a great orthodontist and a very pleasant person. Marlene is very warm and welcoming and always made easy scheduling appointments that would fit my very busy schedule. I would highly recommend this great team to anybody seeking orthodontic treatment.

Susan Bosco

Dr. Hashemi is very knowledgeable and capable. She is also extremely patient and kind. Her staff always tries to accommodate your schedule and my son had a great experience!


I have been to Dr. Hashemi several times to get retainers made and she was always quick to accommodate me into her busy schedule. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and pleasant, as well as her staff, both Marlene and Maria! I will return to Dr. Hashemi again and I highly recommend her services.